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Bologna 2014

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n. 1 March 2014
Dear Colleague,
This year Bologna is running a whole series of Masterclass events on Digital publishing.
From application design and development to digital rights and artists tools we have you covered.
Our intention this year is to bring your a whole set of smaller, more focussed events that meets the needs and answers some of the burning questions that sit at the heart of Children's publishing today. With capacity and seat limited a swift booking is advised!

Sunday 23rd March
Generation Remix - Dust or Magic MasterClass
Sala Concerto - 3 pm

Tuesday 25th March
How to Animate Your Children’s Story
Sala Allegretto – 10 am

Wednesday 26th March
Story-tellin­g and Story-selling. Digital Kids between transmedia experience and market trends
Sala Suite – 10.30 am

Wednesday 26th March
Bologna Digital Rights Workshop
Sala Suite - 2.30 pm

For booking and more information please check out our general website

We look forward to seeing you soon in Bologna and hope to see you take part in this varied programme of special events.

Contact: Bologna Digital

Best wishes
Team Bologna Digital 
Bologna Children's Book Fair
Piazza Costituzione, 6
40128 Bologna, Italy

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